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Welcome to the X-Project Wiki! Here you can get the latest info about the X-Project series, and sometimes, even info that hasn't happened in the comic series. If something has happened that isn't on the wiki yet, don't be shy, make an addition!

The series is set in the 22nd century, where Vampires, Fairies, magic, and various other mythical creatures and ideas have been confirmed as real. The Government has now created an organization of it's own, with multiple HQ's around the now government united world. Unfortunately, this government has decided to try and end the new species that they consider a "threat".

However, messing with things behind comprehension has consequences, as the goddess of the underworld, Inferna, is angered, and defies the other gods wishes, attacking the human race, with the intent of fixing their "mistake". Desperate, the king of gods, Zeus, gets one the goddesses in training, Juno, to find 3 people as representatives of the gods, in an attempt to stop Inferna's wrath.

The people Juno chooses are three 16 year old kids, Erran Zeo, Cassandra San, and the Vampire/Human hybrid, Asylum Fang. After being told of the situation, the three head off in an attempt to get allies for the battle against the goddess, as well as a rebellion against the Governments wishes. On the adventure, the 3 take residence with Erran's mother Danilana in Sayaopolis City, where many of the strangest people of all shapes, sizes, ages, and races take residence.

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